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NYC’s Biggest Halloween Parade Returns for 49th Year and You’re Invited

New York Village Halloween Parade Returns for 49th Year and You’re Invited

The iconic New York’s Village Halloween Parade is committed to the cultural and imaginative life of New York City.

New York Village Halloween Parade returns for 49th year

New York’s Village Halloween Parade

New York’s Village Halloween Parade is…

  • The nation’s largest public Halloween celebration
  • Named as The Greatest Event on Earth by Festivals International for October 31
  • Attended by over 2 million people, seen by over 1 million on TV.
  • The nation’s only major night Parade.
  • Seen LIVE on NY 1 Television.
  • Listed as one of the 100 Things to do Before You Die.
  • Recipient of the Municipal Arts Society of New York’s Award for making a major contribution to the cultural life of New York City.
  • Recipient of a major grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in recognition of Longtime Artistic Achievement.
  • Recipient of the Mayor’s Tourism Grant in recognition of the Parade’s major impact on the economic life of New York City and grants from the Manhattan Borough President’s Tourism Initiative.
  • Picked by Events International as The Greatest Event on Earth on October 31, and ranked 3rd by Citysearch as the best event in New York City.
  • Ranked by Biz Bash as one of the top 10 events in NYC.

It’s committed to the advancement of large-scale participatory events in the belief that such events, when artistically inspired, can play a major role in the resurrection and rejuvenation of the City’s spirit, economy and the life of its people.

The Halloween Parade plays an important part in the life of the City. It is the only Parade in the country that has at its heart an artistic base.


TO WATCH The Village Halloween Parade:

The Parade runs STRAIGHT up 6th Ave. from Canal to West15th Street

  • The streets are most crowded between Bleecker and 14th Street, so you might consider getting there early or try another place along the route…(or better yet, put on a costume and join the Parade!)
  • The Parade starts at 7:00 pm and ends around 11:00 pm.
  • However, if you want to avoid the crowds and be in a special VIP area to watch the Parade, click here for tickets. BUY TICKETS

Start With These Tips

  • Don’t bring your car to the Parade!
  • If you are coming in a group, meet somewhere away from the line-up and walk to the line-up together.
  • The Parade takes until 9:00pm to move out.


Getting To The Village Halloween Parade

By Subway

What you need to know: Using the subways and buses to get to the Village Halloween Parade 2021

Service changes

    • The L train will run on a normal service schedule on Halloween night, which is about every ~5-8 minutes in the evening. FYI: L trains always run every 20 minutes between 1 and 5 a.m., and that will be the case that evening as well.
    • Trains will bypass the Spring St CE in the southbound direction from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    • The northbound side of the Spring St CE will be exit-only.
    • After 10 p.m., southbound A trains run local from 59 St to Canal St.
    • After midnight, northbound A trains operate via the Rutgers Tube.
    • After midnight, southbound F trains operate via the Cranberry Tube.

It’s generous spirit has nurtured hundreds of thousands of people who reach into their imaginations and take themselves physically out into public to perform and to celebrate.

They believe public events of this sort give people the opportunity to claim the open spaces of their City for purposes other than work; to inhabit them with a sense of freedom and spontaneity; to play, thus renew their relationship to the environment.

The 2022 Theme is FREEDOM

What is the move and the moment that let’s you forget the world and all its troubles and just sets you FREE? Bring it! To the Parade!

We are encouraging glittery costumes, your best dance moves and anything that allows you to feel light, joyful, free and colorful! We’re gonna lift the spirits of the whole world!

You can join a Special Section of the Parade and dance along with The Brooklyn United Marching Band as they play Freedom! along the route or just join in the open participation part of the Parade!

However you do it! Feel the Joy and Freedom of expression in one of New York’s most iconic and wildly creative events!

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

And Freedom’s not JUST another word…

Volunteer to Animate a Giant Puppet or to Marshal the Parade!

Whether you are a veteran of previous parades, or a newcomer who wants to see the Parade from the inside this year, we welcome you to join us.

There are TWO ways to be part of the magic:

  • perform by animating a puppet
  • or help with production, crowd control, and procession by being a parade Marshal

No previous experience with 20 foot tall glowing caterpillars or bullhorns is necessary!

The Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to confirm participation in the weekend workshops.

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