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Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season January 12 through 28

Wine Lovers: Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season January 12 through 28

January temperatures may be cold, but excitement is heating up across Niagara as the region prepares to celebrate its annual Icewine harvest season in style.

From January 12 through 28, Niagara wine country raises a glass to Canada’s liquid gold with glitzy galas, a wine and culinary touring program at 32 different wineries, a sparkling Niagara-on-the-Lake street festival, and more.

Niagara Icewine Festival fun kicks off on Friday January 12

Niagara Icewine Festival fun kicks off on Friday, January 12, with the return of the popular Discovery Pass Touring Program, sponsored by CAA Travel.

Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season

Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season

For one low price, passport holders can visit their choice of three or six Niagara wineries on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in January to enjoy delicious wine and food pairings that simply can’t be found anywhere else on the planet. A new optional shuttle service offered this year makes it easier than ever for wine lovers to spend a January day sipping and savouring their way around Niagara wine country.

This year’s 32 winery partners are providing Discovery Pass guests with an extensive range of choices, including red, white and sparkling wines, Icewines, and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free food pairings. Purchase Discovery Pass Touring Passports.

Wine lovers looking for an experience that embraces Icewine’s luxurious nature won’t want to miss the all-inclusive Cool As Ice Gala at the Niagara Parks Power Station on January 13. Presented by Fallsview Casino Resort, the dazzling evening event will showcase twenty-five of Niagara’s top wineries as they pour a diverse array of fine wines, cocktails, and mocktails.

Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season

Niagara Wine Country Kicks off Icewine Season

Eight of wine country’s most buzzed-about restaurants will showcase their skills through bold culinary experiences that will include everything from Indian street food to a decadent oyster bar and Icewine-kissed culinary delights like smoked salmon, pork belly, and wood-fired mushrooms. As Cool As Ice Gala guests savour these flavours, they will enjoy exclusive access to the Niagara Parks Power Station, which will ignite additional Icewine excitement with live music, art installations, show-stopping circus-style performances, and the opportunity to descend 180 feet in a glass-panelled elevator and walk a 2,200-foot-long tunnel for the ultimate sub-zero selfie at the edge of Niagara Falls. Browse the Cool As Ice Gala food pairings.

Last year’s Cool As Ice Gala guests were so wowed by the wine, food, and fun at the Niagara Park Power Station that ticket sales for this year’s event have been brisk. Cool As Ice Gala Tickets are already 85% sold, so those wanting to secure a spot on the guest list for January 13 should act quickly to avoid disappointment. Purchase Cool As Ice Gala tickets.

According to Niagara Wine Festival Executive Director Dorian Anderson, “There is no such thing as post-holiday hibernation in Niagara wine country! With 32 winery partners, three weekends of Discovery Pass touring and one unforgettable Cool As Ice Gala, the Niagara Icewine Festival offers wine lovers countless ways to experience the excitement of the Icewine harvest.”

The Niagara Icewine Festival

The Niagara Icewine Festival is part of the Niagara Grape & Wine Festival and takes place January 12 through 28 across Niagara. This year’s Niagara Icewine Festival includes a weekend Discovery Pass self-guided touring program, the Cool As Ice immersive experience on January 13 and the Niagara-on-the-Lake Icewine Festival on January 13, 14, 20, 21, 26, 27 and 28.

The Niagara Grape and Wine Festival is celebrating its 74th year with support from generous sponsors, including VQA Wines of Ontario, the Wine Marketing Association of Ontario, The Grape Growers of Ontario, the City of St. Catharines, Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls Tourism, Niagara College, CAA Travel, The Province of Ontario and the Tourism Partnership of Niagara.


Niagara Falls mayor, Howard Milstein clash over future park 

Niagara Falls mayor, Howard Milstein clash over future park

Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino has a vision for growing Cataract City’s tourism, while keeping visitors in town longer.

Creating a $150 million “gateway” park downtown that includes an ice rink, indoor arena and outdoor amphitheater.

However, the city doesn’t own the 12 acres of land it is eyeing for its proposed Centennial Park.

Howard Milstein’s Niagara Falls owns the lot and isn’t interested in selling it, even though Restaino says it was an NFR executive who first suggested the location a year ago.


Post Malone announces Twelve Carat Tour 33-city including NYC’s Madison Square Garden with special guest Roddy Ricch.

Instead, NFR, which has done little to bring new business or attractions to a prime downtown site that it has controlled for 25 years, has a very different idea. The firm is now is pitching a plan to put a data and technology center on a portion of its property and potentially bring hundreds of jobs to the site.

“We firmly believe that eminent domain proceedings are not needed, and we oppose such actions as highly premature,”

NFR Executive Vice President Roger Trevino

“Eminent domain can take years and cost taxpayers millions. It would be completely unnecessary in the face of the opportunities we have been discussing.”


Century-Old Tunnel at Niagara Falls Opens, Offering Visitors Never-Before-Seen View

Century-Old Tunnel at Niagara Falls Opens, Offering Visitors Never-Before-Seen View

In 1905, the first hydroelectric power plant opened on the Canadian site of the Niagara River. Origingally it provided Canadians a way to harness and create electricity, or hydroelectricity. Now, it offers visitors a unique interactive experience.

A national landmark in Canada has opened a 100-year-old tunnel for visitors to explore.

“It led to the industrialization of South Ontario, western New York.

And today, we have adapted it for use, this industrial heritage site,

so the attraction of the generator hall floor,”

Niagara Parks CEO David Adamas said.

Canada’s Niagara Power Company offers visitors a unique interactive experience where they can learn the history and it provides visitors with never-before-seen views of the Falls.


NYC’s Times Square is about to undergo a massive update.


“This is a 2,200-foot-long tunnel,

so the guest will take a glass-enclosed elevator down 180-feet,

down to the bottom into the wheel pit and then out the tunnel and into a brand-new viewing platform, which extends 65 feet out into the Niagara River, and they are going to

get spectacular new views of Niagara Falls,”

Niagara Parks Director Kim Viney said.

The Tunnel at the Niagara Parks Power Station officially opened to the public Friday.

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